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We are Asterlogic Limited, a company registered in England and Wales our registered company number is 09309795

Our Story

Having worked as a developer and a development manager for over 10 years we grew tired of seeing the same old issues occur with software projects. Missed deadlines and spiralling budgets, bug regression following upgrades and being told that feature 'might' make it into the product next quarter. It got us thinking there must be a better way...

Our Mission

To be known for superior quality, innovation, customer service and value, through the products, solutions and services we develop, deliver or enable. Providing the best solutions that work individually, and holistically together seamlessly and optimally, on a single platform, culminating in a better experience, which is compelling and unique.

Our Vision

Through a combination of the highest levels of professionalism, skills and experience, coupled with an on-going commitment to quality and customer service excellence, it’s our people, process and technology which sets us apart. By using the latest technology and design patterns we aim to deliver software that is not only fit for purpose but fit for the future.


Whilst we are still in the process of building out some of our larger products there are still plenty of services that we offer

Web Development

Productive, engaging, secure web apps with cross-browser compatibility and a responsive design - its what we do.

Mobile Applications

Native apps for iOS, Android and Windows? Most of our applications come with companion apps to make it possible to access what you need on the go.

Machine Learning

AI is something all businesses should be thinking about. If you have an idea you need help implementing then our team can help find insight where others cant.

System Integrations

Seemless integrations that eliminate bottle necks and needless resourcing and that just work to make everyones life easier.

Consultancy & Anaysis

Looking for ways to improve a business process? We have used helped numerous partners find efficiencies in their business workflows.

Asterisk PBX

We can install your entire back office telephony or just help you with some configuration, heck how about a bespoke wallboard so you can see whats going on?

Cant find what your looking for?

We have completed 100's of bespoke application builds over the years and certainly too many to list on our site so if you had something else in mind chances are we have probably done something similar before. Do be shy get in touch with one of our team...it could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

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Real-time employee monitoring & training

TPS & CTPS Screening

Check your data before making illegal marketing calls

Intranet Admin

Build and manage you own intranet content


Real-time customizable wallboards & dashboard solutions

Inbound Service Monitor

Ensure your Inbound Services are operational at all times


Bespoke reporting dashboards

Our Clients

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss a software development project or one of our products in more detail, please contact a member of our team.


Suite 4, City Approach 2, Albert Street, Eccles M30 0BL, United Kingdom

Phone Number

+44 161 414 0069

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